Friday, October 19, 2012

Rogue to Redemption Kickstarter Now Live-ish

I love Quest for Glory; I very rarely link to Kickstarter projects. But, I am doing it now. Rogue to Redemption is already two things: It has a punny title that I love. It is made by people I love. I am always wary of giving money to Kickstarter because I don't know the quality I'll get; I know it with these folks.

The quality? Epic. So, you know, if you loved the Quest for Glory games growing up, which I did, this seems like a pretty safe bet. Economically speaking, you're almost guaranteed bang for your buck.



I get the GOG spam so you don't have to. Quick note on marketing: When advertising bundles, make individual games clickable so that someone can see what they are getting. It's kind of a shame that I saw this the same day I saw the Kickstarter open for Rogue to Redemption, because I can only justify blowing so much money on gaming, and the Coles have been good to me since the 90s. I'm mainly posting these because if I had done my link round up on Friday instead of Thursday, these would have definitely been included.

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