Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pick Your Poison

Much of gaming comes down to opinion, really, I think. I had been kicking that idea around when I talked about game reviews, but then, I came to the conclusion that there were objective measures by which you could review games, besides, you know, popping the CD/disc/.exe file in and seeing what happens.

I kind of like this multilevel bifurcation of gaming, because I think it shows that it is more than just technology that is evolving. There has always been a wide variety of games, but just going on Steam today, I saw the wide variety (in genres, art styles, themes and quality) available.

Really, some of the games I have installed: L.A. Noire (have not played), The Walking Dead, Transformers: War for Cybertron (also have yet to play), Sanctum, Magicka, Bastion (also unplayed), Mass Effect 2, League of Legends (which I guess is not a Steam game... but whatever), Dragon Age: Origins, Hack Slash Loot, Left 4 Dead 2 and Hero Academy.

It used to be that the 16-bit era was something of a high-water mark for gaming in my mind. I think the digital distribution model, though, will probably be the next major chapter in video (or should we be calling it digital?) gaming history.



Also, here's picking your poison in a political sense for watching the debates.

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