Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Secrets and Worlds

So. My hiatus on the Secret World has gone from "unknown" to "probably permanent." It isn't that The Secret World is a bad game; it does a lot of things well. Character customization is fun, when you can find groups dungeons are quick, fast and challenging. The plot is that better than most MMOs, and stronger than some single player games.

I don't want to rehash everything it did wrong and that it did right. It was an ambitious title, and it succeeded in delivering a lot of things (and failed in others.) This is not a knock against The Secret World, but I only have time for one MMO, and sadly, Guild Wars 2 is that MMO. I like what both are bringing to the genre (that is: more customizable characters, more detailed worlds, ways to dip to play with other characters, etc.)

If someone were to write a history of MMOs, the Secret World deserves an honorable mention. There have been a lot of forgettable MMOs, and a lot of MMOs that promised a lot and petered out. But, from the word go, you could tell The Secret World was a labor of love. Either way, I think that it was a brilliant game (and still is, actually.)

Oh well. Tomorrow, links; next week, back to normal blogging.

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