Friday, September 7, 2012

Things Matt Links: Sept. 7

Today is my first edition of Out of Context Cryptic Messages. This was found on the walk home.
Only you...
Anyway, on to links.

First, there is this thing I'm going to tomorrow, if the weather is nice and I can. It is at the Art of Video Games museum, which you can read more about here.

With the Corgi Cam coming to a close in the foreseeable future, here are kittens. Which starts my other new tag for this post: Awwdorable.

Here's a study about people not being observant. I don't think it is a big deal that people look where other people look; not noticing that the person you are talking to changed is a bit weird though.

What would politics be without embarrassing tell-alls by Bob Woodward?

Ignoring the floor fight, are conventions a thing of the past? Neither party really got everything they wanted out of it, and both had to deal with unruly elements trying to pull the party in a direction the party elders did not want to go. I think we might be at the tail end of the party convention.

Journalists: It is your job. Stop whining.

Also, apparently this? This is a thing.

Anyway, you can follow me on Twitter @mjs69002. If you want some weekend reading, I have a story about a girl in a desert and a boy in a graveyard for you to pick from.

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