Monday, September 3, 2012

Things Matt Links: Sept. 3

So, I forgot to post these on Friday. I feel kind of bad for that. I think I was still recovering from the RNC. This Friday, therefore, I may also forget, as I will need to recover from the DNC. You know how it goes.

First up is a pretty cool tool about life in space. That is, the odds of there being other life in space. Not us living in space.

Speaking of space, here's an interesting idea someone came up with involving the X-Files. The update schedule is weekly (I think), so it'll be slow going, but worth it.

Some maniacal laughter. I really don't have a good lead in to that. Just, you know, maniacal laughter.

Here's one of those rare political pieces that seems dedicated to getting people to stopping the hyperbole and focus on where the differences actually are. Like most political pieces though, it probably won't be read in the spirit given.

... I always kind of liked the Last Action Hero. I'm kind of glad to find out I was not alone.

Also, Guild Wars 2 is out. If you were not accidentally screwed over by GameStop forgetting to send you your box and canceling your pre-purchase without telling you, you could be playing it right now. Not all of us are so lucky.

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