Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The DNC Begins

Politics ho! Skip if you'd rather not read political blogging. If you want some thoughts on the RNC and politics in general click those links.

The National Conventions are probably going to start dying out in a few cycles, I think. You can see that starting in 2008. The only way they got eyeballs was on Obama and Palin's personal rising stars. People are just inundated with political information today, a "problem" for journalists and politicians that has been making headway the last few years.

What's worse, is that several polls have been out showing fewer and fewer independents really are independent. They're fairly well decided, or at least, decided on a not. Non-political people also do not have the general stamina to wait through the speeches; they want policy points quickly and easily.

Let's compound this. The political parties are fraying. This is more obvious in the Tea Party movement within/against the Republican Party, but you can see it in the old guard, Clintonian Democrats against the further left-wing part of their party. Their fights are a bit more high-level and back room because their activists are just, well, not as willing to vote out incumbents. Something Moe Lane points out better than I can.

If you were to get the Bookers and Paul Ryans of the parties together, you could make progress. There'd be some friction, but they'd be able to reach solutions. Moderates in both parties could forge bonds; Bush was able to work with Kennedy only about a decade ago, for goodness sakes. Politics was poisoned, terribly, by the lingering resentment of 2000 and the renewed fighting in 2008. You can see it in the brawling that's happened in Wisconsin politics and risks spreading elsewhere.

Look at the Affordable Care Act. Many of the most popular aspects of it could have passed as stand alone legislation, yet they were not suggested forward. Corey Booker just said, "Work hard, play by the rules, apply your talents" and you should be able to get a job and advance in life. That's almost a direct quote from the RNC. How can everyone agree on such key ideas and -still- not be able to reach compromises? Simple. Not everyone in Congress is actually playing to reach solutions.

The only solution? Vote the bums out; there are bums everywhere. That should be your guiding principle: Is my representative/senator/elected official a bum? If so, vote them out. We need more politicians who are able to honestly approach the other side and understand their views, even if they don't agree.

Now, go watch the DNC and compare the rhetoric to the RNC. They have many of the same goals, so why the heck can't we reach them?


  1. ... Strickland has my favorite quote of the night: "If Mitt were Santa Claus, he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves!"

    What the hell people? After a strong speech by Booker, that I liked, everything spiraled down into a two-minute hate against Romney. The guy who closed his business, paid to get his people out searching for a missing girl? He's the guy we're supposed to think sees his employees as just a number on a spreadsheet.

    The guy who sat with a dying kid to comfort him and write his will? We're supposed to see him as a heartless bastard.

    DNC: Did you -completely miss the RNC-?

  2. ... What!?! The Republicans -- who stood up for voucher systems -- are "abandoning" students!?

  3. After Thursday, I'm going to need a milkshake, the closest to rip-roaring drunk I'll do. We need a law that conventions can't be back to back ever again.

  4. "Lest we forget, I hasten to add what a privilege it is to be objectified by all of you here and the millions of people watching at home, as I’m forced to use my charming smile and physical attractiveness to distract an entire nation from what is, by most accounts, a generally disappointing presidency."

    -- Ouch. Et tu, The Onion? (http://www.theonion.com/articles/good-evening-its-an-honor-to-be-used-as-a-politica,29437/)


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