Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday is For Politics (Post 201!)

I somehow missed that yesterday was the 200th post on the blog. So, hooray! Anyway, the major blog arcs are the conventions, free speech, failures in journalism and more failures in journalism.

Anyway, the big news today is that Romney released some of his tax returns, which shows the Obama administration and Harry Reid have been lying about him not paying taxes for 10 years. The media, of course, is insisting that we still haven't seen all his records.

But, the obvious, logical, point is that Reid was lying. If I say all Xs are Ys, and you show me one X that is not a Y, I am wrong. I could be making an honest mistake, but Reid was not making an honest mistake. He was going to bat to play politics to smear his opponent. He needs to out his source, apologize or at least stop being shameless. The next journalist that talks to him should have a delicious set of questions about how he suckered.

Only in American politics does confirming that you give huge chunks of change to charity qualify you as having the worst week in Washington. Really, the current meme is: Well, he didn't take every deduction, so he "artificially inseminated" [no, really. I'm quoting a guy who is allegedly smart enough to be on TV here]. This, of course, ignores that not all charitable giving is tax deductible. It ignores a lot of things.

Harry Reid made a claim: Romney paid no taxes for 10 years. Now we know that Romney did. That makes Reid's claim false (something we already knew, by the way, from the previous releases Reid said.) Here it is explained, via Twitter if you need it explained. Instead of the story being: Reid is a liar and the Obama campaign should be ashamed for smearing their opponent with lies, the media has moved the goal posts so that Romney now has to fight a new battle.

Really, in the week where we learn from the F&F scandal that the government was more culpable than we were lead to believe and flunkies in the DOJ fall on their swords (all the while, note, not addressing Holder's perjury/changing statements or the assertion of executive privilege. You know, things that were terrible between about 2001 and 2008), where the White House's narrative of what happened in Libya falls apart (and we still don't have all the answers), where the White House has demanded journalists not ask questions about Libya and where the government is exerting political force to intimidate bad movie makers (a precedent that we really don't want to set) -- the story that the media wants to go to bat on is that Romney didn't declare every cent of charity (which by the way, he may not have been able to!)

That's frankly ridiculous. Any journalist talking about Romney's taxes, who has not filed and blogged about the more important issues of the day is like the doctor who stops to clip off a dying patient's hangnail. Yeah, you should get around to that. But, really, there are more pressing issues. Pick one, write about it.

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