Saturday, September 29, 2012

Politico Seems Surprised By a Pedestrian Happening

There's a Politico piece feigning shock that Jim Webb would attack Romney, and it showing how incredibly bad Romney is when Webb, of all people, would attack him.

Also, Webb is a partisan Democrat who has few qualms about making public unserious attacks on Republicans, various levels of propriety and seriousness, and had made it clear he has no real care about respecting Republicans. So, yeah. Politico? This behavior from Webb? Not unexpected. How is this out of character for Webb, or worthy of special attention? It's a campaign surrogate doing things the campaign wants.

If this is the quality of the bloggers Politico hires, and their knowledge of politicians, Politico: Hire me.



Let's first remind people that Romney gave a speech to veterans earlier, which Obama passed on the opportunity, and did mention the campaigns.

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