Thursday, September 13, 2012

More on Journalism Failure

Are you a journalist? Then read on. If not, this is going to be... harsh. So, you know, you might want to skip it. I might even drop a "Gosh darn!"

Here's a note for journalists: Nothing can "overshadow" a story if you report the story instead of what is "overshadowing" it. You choose what is shadowed and what does the overshadowing. So, if something is overshadowing something important: It is your fault. Let me lay a few things out for you, journalists.

Look, the simple fact is, the media screwed up the timeline, conflated statements about Egypt with the situation in Libya, and seemed to barely have the energy to ask questions like: Why were people guarded by locked doors, and that's it? How many briefings were skipped? What could we have done differently? Those are the sorts of questions that the journalists should have been asking. Not dogging Romney about alleged gaffes, which by the way, the Obama administration ultimately seemed to agree with by taking down the statement.

Look, journalists focused on Romney while Obama said patently false things that received minimal push back from the media. And, honestly? It was an honest mistake on Obama's part, trying to thread the needle of the various definitions and kinds of allies we have. But, you know what? It's a journalist's job to pin down important people and make them clarify their statements. Not to coordinate like a bunch of high school girls trying to embarrass the new girl in front of the class with awkward question time.

We're learning things like that we had literally two days heads up something was going down, and we still did not do anything. This is a real, breaking news story. We should be having constant questions for people in the administration. The press should be pounding the table demanding answers. People: Careers are made by breaking these sorts of stories. You know where careers are not made? Hectoring a candidate with no official power about his gaffes.

Journalists: You are screwing up. Big time. You complain about bloggers and idiots at home in their pajamas. But, you know what? They're not messing it up day in and day out. They're asking uncomfortable questions. They are holding their own's feet to the fire to make them do their job better. Inside the media, we have very, very few who treat their job the way we all want journalists to do it.

Shake it off, look yourself in the mirror journalists and stop screwing up. That way I can go back to blogging about useless things instead of explaining how one of the more interesting professions is constantly disappointing me every day. Next I'll find out wrestling is fake!



Powers puts it right. What would have happened if it was Bush?

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  1. Here are some of the top stories on CNN about what is going on:

    4 die in Yemen | Egypt | Iran | Iraq; Yemen protests Yemen protests | Cairo violence Cairo violence; Jewish groups mad over anti-Islam film; Who is responsible for the video?; Anti-Islam filmmaker in hiding; Opinion: Nations don't grasp freedom; Avlon: Romney remarks disgraceful; Obama, Romney navigate turmoil; Obama changing tone on Egypt?

    Notice something that's missing in CNN's front page round up? How about -- any actual discussion of what went wrong at the embassy? Journalists: Stop sucking.


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