Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let's Talk About the Vita

Let's talk about the Vita. Here's a thing, I love handheld gaming. I have a Nintendo DS, fondly remember playing on my Game Gear, and now own a 3DS and a PS Vita. I don't have a smart phone, but I hear you can play games on those too. You can, sometimes, throw birds at pigs. Or something.

But, right now, let's talk about the PS Vita. I currently am playing Duodecim (the Final Fantasy fighting game) on it. Now, I also bought the prologue for the opening story sequences. But, here's an annoying fact. The DLC that comes with the prologue? You can't directly download that on to the Vita. To get it, I had to hook up to my roommate's PS3 and do a data transfer.

Likewise, I had to do the same thing for my copy of Final Fantasy Origins for my November Final Fantasy binge/marathon (mattering on which tone makes you happier.) These are issues I should not face with digital, mobile gaming. I tried to use Media Go, but the file type that Media Go downloads is not the same that the Vita uses.

This is before we get to the fact I get an error when trying to add money to my Playstation Wallet via their online tools. If I want to buy things from the store, I have to go somewhere and purchase a Playstation money card then input the card's code. This is the opposite of convenience. Here's the thing, I love the Vita. It has the potential to open up whole new avenues of gaming.

It cannot do that, however, if poor service continues to plague it, and if it expects users to be able to access a PS3 to access the things they paid for. That's one thing that very rarely happens in a brick and mortar store. If I walk in, pick up a game box and take it to the register, they rarely take my money, then tell me they cannot give me the game I paid for. They even more rarely refuse to take my money when I try and give it to them.



Apparently, my soloing guide on The Secret World made it on to Reddit. Does this make me a real blogger? I feel kind of bad having neglected The Secret World for Guild Wars 2 (and non-video game things.) Speaking of neglecting things, I should put some solid time into Guild Wars 2 this weekend...

Also, in my ever more useful advice: "Don't be a sucker," if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not. What do you mean I'm months behind on complaining about the Vita and days behind on complaining about people not getting that article was a satire? Man, and for a short while there, I was doing so well being topical.

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  1. Secret World Update: Ragnar stepping down to focus on the creative side of The Secret World; this is good news in my opinion. Ragnar's execution at story telling is great, and while he's seemed competent as a producer, that's not his strength, and I always think that it is best when a team puts its strongest pieces where they shine the best, and for Ragnar, that's story design and community relations.

    ... Look, secretly? I'm also hoping this frees him up for that Longest Journey sequel we've been hoping for.


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