Sunday, September 23, 2012

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

It is very rare for journalists to do actual journalism. Recently, though, CNN did it. Here's a link to their site about it. Now, I can see why State does not want their dirty laundry aired, and if CNN were to post personal information about the ambassador, I'd understand being offended. But, this is information that is actually pertinent to the story at hand.

Now, did CNN break the pledge? I guess it matters; if they confirmed the reports with other sources, I would think that they didn't. That is actually what you're supposed to do with anonymous sources or sources you don't trust. You independently verify them, then print what you find out, torpedoes ahead and all that.

What's more important, is if I were part of State, I'd be embarrassed, that's right, that CNN managed to secure and search a scene before government allies were. That just puts the cherry on top for how unprepared we were for what happened in Libya. It's not a pretty picture.

And, so, I want to give CNN kudos for reporting on that not pretty picture. I mean this earnestly; I am not being sarcastic. I beat up on journalists when they screw up, but this time? They did right by the public for independently verifying facts and reporting them.

Kudos to CNN.

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