Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Study in P.R.

Ignore the guy in the chair looks like the sort of guy you would want to punch in the face. Focus instead on the story, not your desire to punch strangers in the face.

Now, let's say that I run a city. Let's say that someone comes to me and says: "This problem of yours, I can fix it. No cost." Assuming this man is not a mobster, and the problem is not a human being, this is an amazing deal. For everyone involved. This is a literal "everybody wins" scenario. Here is my advice to everyone everywhere. When you are offered a play by which everyone wins and you do not need to expend any resources, you take it.

Or, if you don't, you do not decide to tell someone to literally dump tons of garbage into a public park. Let me strongly suggest that any city official who thinks telling someone to dump trash into the place where their neighbor's kids play better hope they are not an elected or appointed official. Because those are sorts of things that people take personally.



With all the #ForAll and pledges of allegiance to things going on, I think it is imperative to remind ourselves that politicians are just people.

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