Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Post That Is Not Out Of Date (See P.S.)

This is how journalism dies. Slowly, with a whimper, where major papers and networks have trouble figuring out what counts as news. Guess what is missing from the NYT's front page. Here's a hint. (Note: Some slight politics, so skip if you are uninterested in politics.)

There's really nothing I can say that has not been said already. Look, I am honestly flabbergasted that the media considers someone being mean to the president more newsworthy than political assassinations. If the fact that Romney said something that may have been rude to the president is more newsworthy than dead bodies (including members of the armed forces and an American diplomat), your nose for news may need some fine tuning. When you decide to conspire together to make sure to ask about that statement you didn't like instead of, oh, I don't know, the dead people, your priorities may be off.

Journalists should be ashamed of the way they and their peers have handled today's events. With reports leaking out every which way about poor security, early warning, etc., there should have been gallons of ink spilled in "What did we know, and when did we know it" type screeds. Just a few days ago, we learned that the President takes his morning briefings in print outs instead of sitting through the meetings plenty of times, even when he is physically at the White House. Today, he is jetting off to a fund raiser at Las Vegas. Why is the press not asking him the hard questions?

In fact, why is the press not in an uproar that he refused to be asked any questions, at all? Remember when journalism was all about "making the powerful uncomfortable?" Get back to that. Because, the powerful people may have made a mistake that if you find, will make your careers. Break this story wide open, and you will get more than a Pulitzer. You'll get Woodward-level access and accolades.

Or, you know, you can keep pestering the non-incumbent about his gaffes.

Whichever one you feel makes the powerful more uncomfortable.



I found a way to keep linking to the appropriate date's front page, so this post will not go out of date until that falls off the NYT's page.

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