Friday, August 3, 2012

Things Matt Links: August 3

This week we've been talking about coins and math and things, so I figured we should get back to the simple things in life for this set of weekly links. Like making a dream come true, only without all the raptor-induced deaths.

For writers everywhere, you can now see how extra verbose you are.

Science marches on; let's hope it marches faster.

People really are discussing if pretty people are more employable and at what point being pretty is a job requirement and when hiring for it is discrimination.

You can also now get app-guided tours of the National Mall.

Something that has been debated off and on, what if the 12 angry men were wrong?

Maryland, North Carolina and Wyoming -- if the WaPo is to be believed -- need to have a bit of self-analysis.

Your weekly dose of "awwdorable."

Finally, if you are in the Virginia area, you can see the musical Legally Blonde by the Alliance Community Theatre.

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