Friday, August 24, 2012

Things Matt Links: August 24

So. I've got some things to link! First, some high-tech paint. I can't even explain how cool this is because I don't fully get it either. Just... accept that it is cool. Please?

So, I've been following the Smithsonian blog telling us about how the world will end with robots and/or the sun exploding, but I'm also being reassured the world won't end. It's a delicate balance between my all-consuming fear and science. All-consuming fear tends to win though.

Dear God, I hope not.

The answer to this is simple: Never. That is why we are teaching them to speak People.

Look at this. It is a thing from the Quest for Glory people. Doesn't that make you feel nostalgic and happy? Now, look at this. Doesn't that make you feel nostalgic and old?

Last link is one that's made the rounds, I'm sure you've seen it. In other news, newsreader also confused to learn that knocking boots is not a term used to describe the process of removing mud caked onto them. Also, local newsreader totally confused as to why "making out like a bandit" doesn't get him the same strange looks. Newsreader completely perplexed as to why "Get me off" also caused laughter; does not understand nervous laughter when 69 is one of the pick four. He remains confused why when he shouts to his co-anchor: "Let's get busy," she only responds with nervous laughter.

People, this newsreader? This guy? He's quite possibly less skilled at sexual innuendo than I am.

Final note: Guild Wars 2 releases soon. The head start? Sooner.

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