Friday, August 17, 2012

Things Matt Links: August 17

Compare, contrast. One is an upbeat, positive message that everyone can get behind. It also is well put together, fun and great all-around. The other one? They talk about incivility and then... well. Just... one is good. I think you can tell which is which. Hint: The good one? Not the one that says they want a Jedi not a Sith. Though, I guess, since they say it is a parody, they are making fun of the people who would say things like that? It's just... Yeah.

Speaking of fun little musical bits, here's one from NASA. Yes. I said NASA.

Here is an uplifting story. There are some things that should be regulated. Like, say, making sure people performing open heart surgery know what they're doing. Some things, well, I think the market can regulate fine enough.

In movie news, two things. In short, again. Compare, contrast. One is good, one is bad. Here's another good thing.

Also, remember, Guild Wars 2 is on its way.

Here's a Kickstarter for any one choosing to play Call of Cthulhu. A fun looking scenario with some nifty rewards.

Also, the Smithsonian has an article bringing us closer to Wonder Woman's invisible plane.

I also want to mention that CNN and Time have decided that plagiarism is ok if the author is famous and important enough.



This is the lecture I'm going to tomorrow. It's pretty cool sounding.

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