Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Concept of End Game

Part of the problem with MMOs, I think, is that there needs to be a new concept of "end game." Everyone (including me!) wants "end game" gear, this is reasonable. Not everyone (including me!) wants to do end game raiding. The main catch, I think, is that we need to define end game the same way we do in a single player game.

Lots of single player games have end game; post game/New Game+ type content. Generally, the ones with in depth post game are very grind heavy (Tactics Ogre remake, I'm looking at you!) I think we need to take this same kind of thinking to MMOs. Everyone does not need the post game/heroic gear, especially if they never plan to raid, do heroics or do anything but world quest. But, to call the heroic tiers "post game," you're sort of conceding that most heroic content is just normal content with higher numbers. This is a way to make content last longer, but as I explained before, this can't last forever.

Of course, no one will be fooled by simply reterming things. There's still heroic/hard mode content that they could be getting gear from. I'm not sure a good answer. But this was a little thought I had.



I'm getting faster with my camera.

A bee!

A butterfly!
The same butterfly (I think!)

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