Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mittdentity Crisis

As always with politics posts, you can skip this if you'd rather ignore politics.

Where the hell did all this good feelings for Romney come from? Why has he been hiding this? I am having a Mittdentity Crisis. When a liberal Democrat calls him authentic, and backs it up with facts about women representation during his tenure as governor, I just... I just can't grok it.

Who runs a campaign for president and actually holds all their positive messaging about their candidate this long? The only answer I can honestly come up with: He's incompetent or serious about being humble. I just don't know which it is. We know he's not incompetent; I've always thought he kind of looked unhappy doing the dirty deeds of politics, so maybe it really is humility? I don't know!

This night has humanized Romney more than his wife ever could. It's also shown MSNBC for the hacks they are, since they seem extremely reluctant to cover minority Republican speakers. Either way, this night has shown us a lot about a lot. And Romney hasn't even spoken yet!

Not only that, they've completely defanged the War on Women meme. His lieutenant governor? A woman. Jane Edmonds? A self-proclaimed liberal Democrat who endoses him. A business partner talks about him supporting a business to get day cares into business to help women get back to work after having kids.

There's so much stuff I'm hearing for the first time tonight. He didn't take a salary as governor? His work ministering to dying children? His work in anything besides the Olympics? Seriously, this is how you define a candidate.

Is there any attack on Romney that hasn't been knocked down? This night is about doing one thing: Asking us to pick up the childish attacks on Romney and to focus on the ideas. Romney is going to talk to us about his ideas; everyone else has talked to us about him as a person. Look, I've always thought Romney wanted to vote on ideas. I think this is his way of dismissing all of the nonsense about killing people with cancer and his tax records.

"I'm a decent person," is tonight's message. "Now, let's focus on ideas."

I can get behind that.


  1. ... Romney talking about love? My head is broken now. The world makes no sense any more.

  2. This Eastwood speech? I don't know how I feel about -anything- tonight any more.

  3. The Romney/Ryan administration may drift apart over iPod play lists.

  4. I suffer political events so others don't have to. By the end of the second debate, I may be a drunk.

  5. Romney seems focused on a theme. That theme? America has promise, let's achieve it.

  6. "I wanted Obama to succeed because I want America to succeed." -- Isn't that a crazy thought? If only politics really were that nice.

  7. Romney name drops a bunch of women Republicans. Is that War on Women meme dead now?

  8. Put the disappointments and divisiveness behind us. A darn good message that, hopefully, people listen to, no matter who wins.


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