Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Words on Zakaria Plagiarism

The whole cycle of the plagiarism story is coming to an end. While it was clear from the start what happened, and that it was unacceptable at most institutions, some held on and ignored it. CNN and Time didn't see enough of an issue with the plagiarism, and some at the Daily Beast insist it wasn't plagiarism at all, or in fact, racially motivated jealousy. It seemed that it should have been clear that plagiarism is unacceptable. Maybe the world of news aggregation has blurred the line between journalism and copy/paste. But, for now, at least, even Zakaria acknowledges what I went through pains to point out in my first post on this: academic institutions have clear policies on what counts as plagiarism and his actions fit the bill. Kudos to him for accepting responsibility with more than just saying "I'm sorry."

CNN and Time though? They've got some learning to do.



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