Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hey Readers, It's Paul Ryan

Romney picks Paul Ryan. You can find your own real news link.

On the bright side, I'm willing to bet the number of ads accusing national-level candidates of murder will triple now that Ryan's on the ticket. Just think of the heights of intellectual analysis we'll be getting over the next couple of months. Romney/Ryan, for a more murderous America, or something like that.

November cannot come fast enough. Objectively, Ryan's a decent choice. He further puts Wisconsin into play; he is a serious, well-thought out speaker who contrasts nicely with the bomb-throwing image of the Tea Party. Not only that, but he brings quite possibly the best planning mind from the GOP House to the ticket. A lot of people will try and paint him as the second coming of either Ayn Rand or Ebenezer Scrooge, neither of which are true. He's also a practicing Roman Catholic and extremely good with numbers and health care policy. He brings a lot of credibility on those issues, specifically the Affordable Care Act, to the ticket that the right has been nervous about Romney on.

Twitter currently is all a-flutter with the news. The oddest thing I'm seeing, though, is the certainty that Joe Biden will trounce Paul Ryan in the debates. Look, I like Joe Biden. I'm from Delaware; Biden is a great guy. But... am I really, let's be honest here, supposed to believe that the guy who screws up his history whenever given the chance, is going to trounce the guy who is best known for having a commanding knowledge of the government's economic, health care and fiscal policy?

The biggest thing the Paul Ryan pick means is this: This is going to be an election about ideas and fiscal policy. This will not be an incendiary campaign based on murder accusations.

At least, I hope that's what it means.



Yeah. This is pure politics. But, hey, it is big news today.


  1. This ties back to it being only August people!

  2. "Honorable people can have honest differences." ~ I think Romney is a little peeved about that whole "murdered people" thing.

  3. Romney accidentally says Ryan will be next president of the U.S.; admits error. Hilarity ensues.

  4. Romney has a tie, no jacket; Ryan has a jacket, no tie. I find that funny.


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