Monday, August 27, 2012

Guild Wars 2: I Am Playing It

Not right this exact second, but in the grand scheme of seconds, it is an activity that takes up many of them. You could say, GW2 is now in my rotation of games to play. I am a Sylvari Elementalist as my main. This is a new departure from my normal play style, as I am playing a sticky melee-ish burst DPS. My world, it is being rocked.

One thing I like about GW2 is that it is simple, yet complex. It is a lot like the Secret World (and Guild Wars 1) in that regard. Expect to get some more specifics about team building and character tweaking as I get more familiar with the game. For now, all you need to know is that I'm on Sea of Sorrow and that you can ask for my account name if you want to play with me.

From what little I played over the weekend's pre-release, here are a few things I really like:

1. Weapons give you an identity. They mean something to your character and define what you do.

2. Traits and utility skills shape that identity.

3. Each class can be competently played in many ways with a variety of tweaks, without each class just feeling like a hodge podge of abilities. Class hit their theme well and feel like they flow in combat.

4. Events are fun, quick to join and dynamic.

5. Playing with your friends is painless.

6. You can fiddle around in PvP with your character then return to your PvE progression without falling behind in PvP.

7. The game world is laid out well and logically (you know where you should be going next.)

Those are the big things; go play.

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