Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get It Fast, But Get It Right 2

Where "it" is the story. Journalism has been kind of going down hill lately. Because journalists are not taking my advice to not be suckers. Which means that sometimes a news organization needs to admit that they rushed to a bad faith assumption and accidentally slandered someone. Yes, calling someone a liar is slander, which is why the correction is so prominent. And the WaPo even tweeted an apology, so, kudos to them.

I think we should replace "Correction" with "Groveling for forgiveness" in this case. The WaPo shot its load early, was wrong, and then had to retreat under the withering fire of the Twitter-verse. Is it really that much effort to verify that the person your news organization wants to call a liar really is one before you jump on it? Though, it is unlikely a candidate for the highest office in our country would spell something wrong.

Wait, typos are common and happen routinely? The deuce you say?! Well, I guess that makes sense why the WaPo took the extra step to verify... wait, they didn't? Well then.



A few of those links are not like the others. Also, I did not realize I already had a post with this exact name, hence the 2.

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