Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ABC News: Man Steals Puppy... in His Pants

What the heck people? Can't I go to sleep without the world going crazy? I don't think it is asking too much for people not to stuff merchandise down their pants.

Especially when that merchandise is living, breathing puppy. Look, this is not the most heinous crime in the world. No one died, so, it really isn't even that high of a priority crime in the grand scheme of things. But, a person who will steal a puppy? That's... the lowest kind of person.

Oh, also, ABC seems to have fixed its habit of auto-playing videos.

Oh, and Gore Vidal is dead.


  1. i bet someone will give up the thugs. $500 is a lot of money in this economy. i hope the pup isn't mistreated, and will be found safe.

  2. I'd hope we don't have to reward people to get people to return stolen puppies.

    Even just saying that fills me with disgust. Stolen puppies, ugh.


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