Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Are Gamers Such Jerks?

Here's a question I wonder about whenever I go to game forums. When did my fellow gamers suddenly all become childish ranters? If you ever want to really, really feel that the human race has failed, join League of Legend and go to the Tribunal. Maybe I'm just getting old, but in Gemstone, no one ever used casual racial slurs against their own team.

I don't think that gamers, as a population, have become crass homophobic racists. It's the internet as a whole. I'm not pro-censorship; I'm a free speech absolutist after all. But you know? I can get behind self-censoring. We used to call it good manners. I wonder if people act like this at table top games with strangers. I doubt someone tells someone running a suboptimal list at Warhammer to go die in a fire. Ok, they probably do.

So, for the next few days, I'm going to try to be extra nice to people. Extra nice. This is going to be a... horrifying experiment. Since The Secret World says their chat problem is half fixed, I'll try today! In TSW's defense, it is one of the least toxic communities I've seen in awhile.



Escutcheon, RP server. Play with me.


  1. I've actually not seen *any* toxicity in the community, but that's largely in part due to the fact that RP servers tend to attract a much different crowd, I imagine.

  2. It's largely in part due to the chat system being borked. Let's wait until the majority of the player base can actually communicate; if the forums are any indication, General and Faction chat will quickly become Trade-light.


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