Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome to Egypt

Welcome to Egypt! Once you finish Blue Mountain, you'll find the next zone is actually a bit of a breather compared to the jump you faced from Savage Coast. Keep on keeping on, and you shouldn't have too many problems. Just remember...

You'll be facing swarms from the get-go! Be prepared.

Endurance is key to succeeding in some areas!

Some mitigation will help you, even in damage builds.

Avoid the death zones, avoid the damage.

Your weapons have utility. Use it!
You'll notice that the quest cooldowns are much longer than before; the same is true of later zones. Start making use of PvP if you haven't to get yourself some extra SP and AP to round out your builds.

So, how do you know if your gear and builds are up to snuff? There are two quick sidequests as soon as you enter Egypt. Grab them and hit the mobs as you do them; this should be the quickest check to see if you're ready for Egypt, since the cultists come in packs and a few strong single mobs.

By the time you are entering Egypt, you should have three weapons solidly into QL 8 or 9, if not 10, in at least one of their aspects (Damage or survivability/support/healing). Decide if you want to branch into your fourth or fifth weapon here or if you want to save that for when the XP starts rolling in later end games. Here's where you really want to analyze what weapons you have to see if you have any holes you need to plug in your versatility.

The talismans that drop here are QL 8, so you better be able to equip them. I'm always over prepared; I zoned in with hammers, shotguns, fists, pistols, chaos and blood at QL 8+, and talismans at QL8+.

Now go on and enjoy Egypt. 

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