Friday, July 27, 2012

Things Matt Links: July 27

First and foremost, if you can still catch a show of the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, do so. I went Thursday night, and spent some time getting into the spirit on the way there. Not as much as the people dressed as Link and Zelda (I saw more women dressed as Link than men; but at least one guy who did it went all out with real chain mail under his green tunic.)
It is a secret to everybody.

While I was there, everyone was nice and friendly, so I never even got to tell someone: "Well excuse me, princess." Oh well. Such is life.

In other gaming news, you want some of these add-ons for The Secret World. At least the deck manager, since Funcom can't seem to fix it. Now, if only he would add a chat mod.

Though, for all its glaring faults, the game is fun. So, you should try it. Really. It won't hurt.

Google is also willing to try new things. Google, I love this. But, more robot cars. Please? Also: The rainbow colored rabbit? No. Just no.

Here's some nifty thing on taxes. That's crazy, no matter how you slice it. Poor bird; poor canyon. Poor tax law.

Here's friendly lawyers. I like it when lawyers are friendly.

We beat up on ABC for screwing up by reporting the wrong Holmes being the Aurora shooter. This seems to be a pattern and, really, journalists need to stop being lazy.

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