Friday, July 20, 2012

Things Matt Links: July 20

This weekend is Guild Wars 2's last beta weekend. That should tell you all you need to know about a good use of unallocated free time. The big news today is the shooting on Colorado. The shooting is bad; the rush to try and paint a political picture over the shooting is worse. The long and short of the fallout is that crazy people have done criminal things and we should make sure to keep that in mind that crazy people are, inherently, apolitical most of the time.

Also, Brian Ross should not have a job because he's a terrible journalist. Anyway, on to the links below.

This is very impressive. You should be very impressed. Are you impressed?

I remember growing up reading Encyclopedia Brown books. I sometimes got them right, and sometimes got them wrong. But I loved them.

Some people believe you should be prepared for every eventuality. Some people are.

Time has some photos of comics in every day life from the past. It is a good set of photos and kind of heart warming.

In game related news, Riot (of League of Legends) has some very basic advice on how not to get banned from their game. You'd be surprised how many people don't follow it.

Also, there's this piece from Cracked that I don't completely agree or disagree with. Since this is, nominally, a gaming/history blog though, I thought I should include it.

Finally, for people with The Secret World, here is the best online deck builder I've found so far (as far as ease of use goes).

Now go have fun.

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