Friday, July 13, 2012

Things Matt Links: July 13

This has been a year for Friday the Thirteenths, and CNN has a blog about it. 2012 had three of them, and this is the last. So, celebrate!

One way to celebrate is to support games you like, either via Good Old Games or Steam. Either way, you can make yourself very happy. Who doesn't like to do that on unlucky days?

Guild Wars 2 has announced its release date, and it has also announced some of its design philosophy. This shouldn't be a surprise; it sounds a lot like what many companies say.

In other MMO news, The Secret World's Ragnar Tornquist gave us the state of the game. This is promising, and a more detailed read out is available here. I've beaten the game up for its chat bugs and quest bugs, but they are trying something great. If they actually deliver their monthly content updates on a monthly schedule, it may be an MMO first.

A fitting thing you've probably heard about, since I'm always late to the game, is this. Zombie theme parks are an odd kind of fun.

Whenever I read something like this, I kind of lose some faith in people as a whole. Is not grabbing random strangers on the street REALLY that hard? I thought we got the whole hands to yourself thing figured out in kindergarten; what is wrong with people?

Also, apparently, the big news in politics these days is that political ads lie. A lot. The only difference, this time, I guess, is that instead of dropping the inaccuracy/lie, the campaign decided to just sally forth. That's a way to do it, I guess.

Finally, if you want to play D&D, you can get some of the old rules in new books. Just as a warning: If a GM asks you if you want to play a game, and you answer yes, bring back up characters. Note the plural.



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