Thursday, July 19, 2012

MMO Update

30/30 on my Hall of Monuments. I finally gave in and just sold all the things I'd been hoarding to buy armor sets for my main character and dedicated them for the last two points. So, I went from rolling in ectoplasms and other crafting supplies to dirt broke. Which is fine, since I have no real intention of ever joining Guild Wars 1 again, unless someone tempts me back.

As for The Secret World, I should be heading in to Egypt this weekend. Lots of people seem interested in what the "best" solo build is, judging by the searches bringing people here and here. Since that's the case, let me put, below the fold, some of the builds I'm currently using on my way into Egypt. During a normal play through, you probably won't have access to all of these builds by the time you are leaving Blue Mountain, since you probably won't stay and dabble in as many weapons as I did. But, I thought having a few examples might be useful.

First, a relatively new one for Fists/Chaos. This uses early Burst abilities combined with affliction, penetrate and HoTs to keep you topped off, defended and able to do good single target damage, with a single good AoE cone attack. This takes 272 skill points, if this link is correct. It isn't extremely fast, but it is durable.

The next uses Shotguns/Hammers for AoE clearing. The Hammer also gives you some survivability and mobility. This one takes 236 skill points. It also sets you up to potentially tank with the other abilities you have to pick up to get here; if you set your Hammer skill points in damage over survivability, you may want to tweak to get a Hammer builder in instead, such as Smash and its related passive, so that you can use Grand Slam, but Pump Action/Sawed Off is more reliable and uses fewer skill slots to get weakened layered in on the bad guys.

The next uses chain and afflictions with Blood/Pistols for some AoE and survivability. This is the most expensive at 381 skill points, and that it is because it is my personal favorite to solo with right now. Healing Drone no longer heals you (that it was appears to have been a bug), so I swapped in a regular drone to trigger Ingenuity and to help make sure I don't miss chances to hit with Bloodsport. If you don't want to dip into Elementalism, swap out Molecular Explosion for Vessel Walls or another passive that suits your fancy (I prefer Vessel Walls for the self-barrier; it is only 33 health an action for me, but that adds up over the course of a fight).

Plus, it looks like this when I play.

These are the sorts of builds you should be looking for. They serve a purpose you need, have great synergy, and combine survivability with killing potential. I'm not saying they are the best soloing builds, I am, however, saying they are the sort of thing you should be looking for. Let me know if there is a specific weapon pair you want a relatively cheap (around 300 SP) build for, and I'll see what I can find!



Cat, that is no way a Charr, approves of being ready for Guild Wars 2.

He is still too high!

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