Monday, July 16, 2012

Journalism Is Hard

I am not going to blame either campaign for only wanting approved quotations in the press. They are politicians. That is what they do, you know, control narratives and so forth. But, want me to tell you who I do blame? The journalists. If they want access so bad they'll sell out their news scoops to print flattery, so be it.

Quote approval is the thing of public relations and spin doctoring. Not journalism. I am glad the NYT notes the irony of only being willing to talk about this problem anonymously. But, let me also content: meaning is lost when you cut out colorful allusions and language. You lose a lot of the identity of the speaker, which is important in the public knowing who is talking and what they are like.

Journalists: Do your job. If it costs you precious, precious access, tough luck. Remember when making the powerful uncomfortable was what they did?



Anthony Weiner floated the idea of running for mayor of New York. I guess Kathleen Parker didn't want another show.

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