Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links June: 8

This is your week, in links. As always, if you like the blog, become a follower! The response to Zimbardo's Demise of Guys CNN article is probably the most heavy blog lifting I've done since the series on America's greatest military enemy, so I think it fitting to relax on today's post. This is blog post 100, according to Blogger, so if you're new and have time on your hands, hit the archives.

Let's get the obligatory Mice and Mystics and Good Old Games links out of the way, because you know I love both of these things.

My Dragon Dice text reformat is up for review and comment, so, go. Review. Comment.

Two of the Exploring Space Lectures are now online, but the last two aren't posted quite yet. This may be familiar to you, because I reported on one.

I'm not that big into social media, but if you are, here's something Mashable put together.

A few days ago, I started talking about a Kickstarter for the government. Someone started following me on Twitter and sent me this link. Granted, right now, they seem to be trying to make a giant queen's head, but you know, let's call it a proof of concept.

Guild Wars 2 is having a Beta weekend. I'm downloading in the background, but if you want to play with me, send me a Tweet! I'll let people know when I start playing later tonight.

Charrlie the Charr approves.
Finally, in other GW related news, we recently saw Games Workshop go digital. This week, they have armies on parade. Dwarf lord on shield approves.
He would not win, as he is not painted.

Late addition: The question, I guess is, could this be good or will it be bad? I always end up finding things after I hit publish that I wish had included.


Free Speech Sidebar

Google has taken its glove and smacked China across the face. Good on Google.

You cannot disbar, threaten to fire or prosecute a man for saying you did your job badly. You can say he is wrong; you can attempt to argue his points. But, you cannot use the force of state to shut up speech you dislike. This is basic stuff that lawyers, nay, high schoolers, should fully understand.

In addition, the use of threats against individuals to silence speech is wrong. Politics isn't the issue; freedom of speech is. Anti-SLAPP laws are a sticky area that I'm not comfortable 100 percent endorsing, solely because I can't believe that the actions they would outlaw are not already criminal. If I am wrong on that case, then this is actually an area where the government has a compelling interest to step in and make laws. Because the government is meant to protect our rights.


  1. Hah. It counts posts in draft, not just ones that you've posted. So, this is actually post 99; I like memorializing my errors, so I've left the text as is.

  2. Re: Anti-SLAPP. It's the same concept of me burying you in legal debts because I'm a megamart and you're a mom-and-pop store. Money in America and politicians in America are often the same thing and we live in one of the most corrupt nations in the world. I'm all for anything that says, "Skirting around the edges of the word of law in an attempt to perform illegal actions is, in fact, also illegal."

    The Nick

  3. Yeah, but see, I think: "That has to already be illegal, right?" Though, I'm guessing it isn't, since people seem to be doing it.


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