Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links June: 15

Welcome to the next set of weekly links! I'll be stomping through Act III and IV of Nightmare on Diablo III tonight. So, to tide you over, here are some links.

The obligatory Mice and Mystics link. Hey, it's new this time!

Here's an interesting pseudo study (or maybe legit study-study) of what people call their networks. I thought it was interesting, if not particularly useful.

In your face, Sweden. Though, my suspicions are very high that this is not true. I'm too lazy to verify it, but, just imagine if it were.

I never really played Civilization type games. They just never appealed to me. This particular experiment in gaming forever does appeal to me.

I had thought that this game was never going to be made. I was wrong.

I think this might be my first ever content warning, but I kind of think that it is a fun response to Internet trolls.

Ok, now that that is over. Here's good clean fun, also in musical form. Now go on, enjoy your weekend. Also, I'm shooting to have the first draft of the current story done by the end of June. After that, I'll need to spitball a new plot. This one is a stab at zombies; I'm not happy with it. I feel it is too slow. But, I've felt that way about all three stories I've written this year. In fact, that's a general criticism of everything I write. I am too wordy. Look at this paragraph? You could easily cut it in half.

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