Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links: June 1

Welcome to June. Next week, I'll be at this event, so if you want to join me and be a nerd, now you know how to do so. Yesterday, we killed Diablo. This weekend, I plan to finish up the first rough, no pictures, version of my Dragon Dice rewrite. But, now that all that nerd stuff is out of the way, some links, none of which includes Mice and Mystics, which you should look at anyway.

We don't have a lot of links this week. First, we have grade inflation. Life, unlike school apparently, does not grade on a curve. The possibility is that kids are also just getting smarter. Yeah, I didn't believe that theory either.

I did lie; not all of my nerd stuff is done. So, here you are. Some games and charity. It's a heart warming combination. Also, because I love Sierra gaming history. If I ever lose a job, I want it to be in as epic a tale as "Chainsaw Monday."

Also, what is with all the cannibalism lately? People: Humans are not for eating. I cannot stress this enough. Do not eat people.

I already talked about this post, in two of my own posts. Here is the more coherent response.

I want my robot buddy angel shaped.

Also, some classic reading. You need to know the rules before you decide a dominant strategy. The actual dominant strategy is to use psychic powers to look behind the doors to always pick the car. Or, to sue them when they do not give you your goat.

We have lots of rain and maybe tornadoes.  I have to catalog new dice; these are some of the links. Oh, here's one that just come up on Twitter. It is about this "E3" thing; you may have heard of it.

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