Saturday, June 2, 2012

Join Me in Welcoming GW to the 21st Century

Everyone, hark, join me now in welcoming Games Workshop to the 21st Century. I got the email this morning. Isn't this grand, for them? Dwarf lord riding a shield approves.

So badass, he has a bolter pistol.

They promise new releases every month. Which is good, since their offering is meager at best. Welcome to the 21st century, but, please remember, we've been here for awhile now. Catch up.

Now all they need to do is set up a 3-D printer at conventions for custom built heroes/unit champions with the proper wargear on them and they'll fulfill both unsolicited pieces of advice I have given them.
Actually, here's another piece of advice. Gamers use things other than iPads. Cross platform: Get on it. Also, update the Mordheim rules. Please.



It is no surprise that the Space Marines were first. Everyone loves Space Marines. They are the Raymond of the Games Workshop product line. See? I made a sitcom reference. I am topical and witty.

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