Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He Walked Out The Door (and Out of the Story)

So, as I am doing my page of fiction a day, I reached the point where we stop teasing that something bad is going to happen and disaster strikes. This is pretty good; we thinned our cast during the initial rush of zombies. So, I took a headcount afterwards to make sure I knew what was happening next, since I try to plan things. That's when I realized: "Hey, did I ever bring so-and-so back from the bar after the hero saw him leave the hotel?"

Then I scrolled up and did some reading. Nope. Five or six pages ago this minor character asked if the hero wanted to join him for drinks, then walked out the front door. He never came back, because I did not do my pre-writing and plan out my sequence of events. Technically, according to my rules, I'm not supposed to backtrack and re-edit or re-write sections, though I break that rule all the time.

Also, I liked the current flow of events as it was, and I did not want to add another scene to drag everything down. I notice that with all my fiction a day pieces. They are just incredibly slow! What a useless scene is this: Guy comes back, says: "Yeah, things are going to heck out there. Glad I'm back!" Everyone acts nervous for a page.

So, let's turn this fiction lemon into fictional lemonade. I dislike the amount of closure some stories give anyway, with every character's fate tied up in a nice neat little bow. Sometimes, characters should just disappear without any fanfare or explanation. So, it is on purpose now. Isn't it great when mistakes are useful? Look! I'm following my rules (and it is only partially motivated by laziness!)

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