Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dragon Dice Rule Book Proof/Format

So, finally ready to show the first rough of this. The first thing to remember is this is not a rewrite of the rules. This is merely taking the existing rules and reformatting them to be more user friendly. The original document is available here. You can download my current draft from here. Some specific notes appear below the fold.

  • First: There are no images [YET!] They are a pain to place in a Word document, push text around and, in general, are just not fun to edit around.
  • I decided to err on the side of over-simplification. This is most noticeable in the SAIs, which will probably end up getting fleshed back out once people have had it. I figured it would be easier to add things in rather than take them out.
  • Examples have been reduced; the only extremely confusing area was magic, which maintained many of its examples.
  • Spells have been broken out by color, with racial spells in the appropriate Races of Esfah section. I might also be happy with putting the spells all in the spell list section, but using a racial icon to signify racial spells. This way feels better for me, putting all the spells in one location. But, it could also lead to confusion.
  • Two SAIs, for Eldarim Champions and Medallions, are to appear in their sections, since they take up a lot of space, I feel it makes more sense to put a pointer in the SAI list to the appropriate race/magic item section.
  • I feel things move organically, but I feel like the Dragon Attack section is a big slow down in the turn structure.
  • I may not have captured all the flavor text.
  • Right now, the flavor text on the front page seems to not match up for being on the front. Is there flavor text from another Dragon Dice source that is something like an introduction to Esfah that we could place there? We drop a lot of proper nouns on people that is going to be confusing.
  • Where possible, I do not redefine things, which is most noticeable in the magic section (removing the explanation for some parts of spell multiplicity
  • There are no headers or footers, everything is handled by line, page or section breaks. This is, again, to make putting the final document together easier.
  • At the moment, this has only been given a cursory re-read through by me. It still needs to go through a standard edit, a format edit, etc. But all of that is pointless to do until the order, structure and wording is finalized.
  • Posting the document as a Google Document sometimes makes it uglier. Get in touch with me if you want a copy to mark up. If you make a mark up and email it back, please remember to change your filename! That will help prevent accidental overwriting


Also updated to the SFR Forum, so if you have comments you want to make, you can also look there.

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  1. As a note, while putting this together, I spent a lot of time going over ways to present the information. I think this is the most logical way: "What do I do to start playing? Oh, what order do I do things when I play? Now, about those marches you were talking about, what can I do in them? That's nifty. What do my dice -do- during those actions you talked about?"

    I think I have the advantage of writing now that games are more common that we may not need to be as process/definition focused. People know what it means to roll dice and get a lot of basic ideas that used to take a paragraph to explain. We'll see what SFR has to say.


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