Saturday, June 23, 2012

Do You Play The Secret World?

Do you play The Secret World, and do you want to play with us? My main will be Escutcheon. Send me a message if you join, and we can play games together. He'll be easy to find. He likes guns and books (though in the live game, he'll go shotguns and pistols.)

The shotgun is for shooting. The book is for reading.
More screenshots below the fold.

The screen is dark too often.

You get chaos hands!

Claws give you self-healing  and healing.

Pistols are support weapons when not being used to DPS.

Blood uses shields and direct heals to protect your team.

A pistol AoE ability.

A hammer cone/blast attack.

She has a chaos icon on her back and a shotgun in her hands.

The sword PBAoE consumer knocking over some zombies.
Know your role and pick your weapons to fill that role. Also, have fun.



Also, Warhammer 40k has a new rule book available. The dice, they are red!

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