Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Sorts of Characters Do You Play?

So yesterday or the day before, I mentioned that my fiction tends to have an archetype of a scholar warrior. Which got me thinking to the kinds of characters I generally write and generally play. You all probably have someone at the table who says that they'll play any thing. That may be true. But, for most people, there's a kind of character that draws you. It might say something about your personality. So, what do you think?

So, I think we should go all Myers-Briggs on my character choices. In Ultima 4: Mage. In World of Warcraft, Warrior (then Druid on my new server, back to Warrior if I ever rejoin). In Guild Wars 1: Mesmer/Warrior, Illusion tank. DDO: Cleric (healing and buff specialty). In Warhammer: Ironbreaker. In my play through of Tactics Ogre, I needed to hire a character, so I gave it my name and made it a Rune Fencer. Because I could.

Actually, I think I've written about this before. Actors sometimes complain about getting type cast, I wonder if players feel role cast? Does the party thief ever decide he needs to be in Airplane because he is, at his heart, a practical jokester constrained by high drama? I don't know. How do people decide the kind of character they are going to play? I don't really have a set decision path, do other people?

These are the things I think about at work and then write up as notes for things to talk about.



Here's a quick fiction update. The new story is going well; we've seen hints of something terrible about to happen. I also have two short stories uploaded via Google Docs. The first is an old story about a kid in a graveyard. The second is about a girl in the desert. Apparently, I like kid heroes. Who knew? I wanted to post the other story in case the Write d20 roll ever ends up asking me to talk about the writing process in one of my short stories.

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