Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links: May 4

As always, here's a quick run down of the things I've come across this week that I feel like sharing. And remember kids, sharing is caring. Also, I finished reading Nocturnal, which I recommend to anyone who looks at the trailer and is on the fence. I was too; it was a worthy investment. I heard about it on Sword and Laser. Wow! Two links I didn't even consider to count as links.

For a few days this week, I was on a writing seminar kick, here's the story I read that started me on it.

While I cannot vouch for any other site here, the cat has the best cat home ever.

On the one hand, I think this is nifty. On the other, it is kind of a goofy gimmick, and I would rather have a real camera. Clearly, an opinion that has changed since I first linked it.

I missed the meteor shower. But I don't want to miss this.

This is a history blog, right? So, I guess we should have some history. There will be a test.

Finally, let's close out with some music. I still love the Beach Boys, quite possibly one of the more fun bands I've ever had.

And, I'm glad I waited about 5 more minutes to post this, because, lightsabers. May the fourth be with you, which is, apparently, a real thing.

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