Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links May 25

First, today is Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. I think that Stranahan and others posts explain the story better than I can, so instead, I blogged about the ethical and law aspects of the story. That's the most important link today.

I gave in and bought Diablo III and Mice and Mystics. It promises to be a beautiful game; it being Mice and Mystics. I am a Barbarian. I jump at things and sometimes yell "Get over here!" when I throw my spear.

I don't know how often I'll promote things on Kickstarter, but here's Two Guys From Andromeda's latest offering. I'm a backer; if you liked Space Quest, you should be too.

If you play Munchkin, have you considered also supporting The Guild?

I have a theory on this WaPo piece. I think that school begins way, way too easy for students in college. This is because they are reading books meant for high school students and math meant for them too, if that high. Not everywhere, but in plenty of places. What this means is that when they get to their real meat and potato courses, they have not cultivated good study habits. They never needed it before then, so why do it now? This is before we get into the fact that, another quote I can't remember the source, teachers are often running after students on the last day of class yelling things like: "Hitler lost!"

Now, finally, as promised, a link to my secret project. I'm Zarron in that thread, and I'll be helping SFR with the wording and cleaning up of their rule book. You can follow the progress in that thread or on Google Docs. That's going to be an awesome project, once it is done.

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