Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links: May 18

Hello, and welcome to another edition of things Matt links! This week was a pretty slow week, but I still was able to find some new things on the internet.

First, something that Ann Althouse linked. Lazy harp seal lacks in business acumen. That's the second most fun one. The rest are below the jump. This is the most fun one, and it is slightly more trippy.

How hard is it for people to realize you should tip? Worse, how hard is it to realize you should not lock people in your store? It's like no one wanted to be sympathetic in this story.

I was talking about this earlier: Sometimes, you just have to let failure go. You gave it a shot with your first movie; it was a bold attempt. Let it go.

I am fond of weird things in science. Like slime. I do not believe anyone actually screams out that they got slimed.

Here is a bit of technology warming everyone's heart. Between this and robotic cars, I feel like we're really moving into a new frontier of technology. If only it could go faster.

Finally, there is Mice and Mystics. Why yes, yes it is pre-ordered.



Keep watching later tonight; I'll be posting my process of building a 36-point army in Dragon Dice from three Frostwings kickers.

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