Sunday, May 6, 2012

Unexpected Geese!

Apparently, Macy's at Fair Oaks Mall did not get the memo about meter sockets. Some geese have apparently decided that, much like zombies, they will hunker down at the mall to multiply and hope for free eats (provided by people!) As before, here are some goose-y couplets.

A goose took wing and sought savings and deals.

Since, or so I'm told, we have a treaty with Canada that lets their geese do what they please in exchange for them never burning the White House down again, the geese get to stay.
And a quaint spot for a romantic meal.

Since we like the White House, we have consented to Canada's crazy demands.
Prices and convenience -- always the best!
But, hey. At least you get unexpected goose poetry.
Near a nice neighborhood to make your nest.

Though, this time in AABB instead of ABAB. Because I bring you variety. If I have another day of unexpected goose poetry, I may have to make a tag for it.



Unexpected cat!


  1. Their poop is dangerous. Look out!! Seriously.. Bad germs in there..

  2. That is probably true; I just hope to be able to time going back for when the eggs hatch to have expected geese baby pictures.


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