Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tinner Hill Monument

Today, I was on my way to Victory Comics for Free Comic Book Day. I actually used to work at a building near by, so I know the area pretty well. One day while I was getting off the work, I noticed a stone arch. Since I was early that day, I swung by to take a closer look. Today, when I was going by, I had my camera, so I took a picture.

It's a monument.

The arch itself is a historical monument. It commemorates the first rural branch of the National Association for the Protection of Colored People (NAACP), founded in 1915. Establishing a branch was not an easy thing to do, especially in Virginia. If you want more information about Tinner Hill, they do have a website.

I like to find these sorts of little spots of history. They make nice landmarks and serve as a quick reminder that history is everywhere. I wonder what other little things you can find just wandering around with around a camera.

From the other side.



Today is Free Comic Book Day, as I said above. Have you picked up your free comic books? The Mouse Guard one is a nice, high quality book. I'm always a bit behind the comic book times, so I also did not know Transformers was having a "regeneration."

It is a pun. On Generation One.

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