Friday, May 4, 2012

Super Moon and Meteor Shower

Not the name of a comic book hero and sidekick duo. Rather, the name of an upcoming awesome nighttime sky event. Which is something that everyone should try and see. Though, no one should try and make them into a comic book. Solely because I cannot imagine it ending well. Because, writing comic books is hard.

Also, Super Moon probably sounds suspiciously close to Sailor Moon, which is probably not the audience that you mean to attract. I'm not even sure what sort of powers Super Moon would have. Maybe the ability to shine brightly in the darkness on a very rare basis, while also influencing the tides? That's... kind of super limited. At least Meteor Shower could drop rocks on people's heads. Maybe Meteo could shout: "Rocks fall, everybody dies!"

But, then that sounds more like a villain, doesn't it? Aren't heroes generally against making everyone die? Maybe the Super Moon can be powered by the moon, like all those sun powered heroes. But then, since moonlight is just a reflection of sunlight, wouldn't Super Moon actually be even stronger during the day? Or is there a risk of Super Moon over charging like a battery and exploding? Maybe Meteor Shower's real name could be Haley.

The point being: comic books are hard. Go see the Super Moon tomorrow night.

Either way, listen to Dr. Fogel stomp on my dreams.

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