Sunday, May 20, 2012

Secret Project; Also, Diablo III

So, I have a secret that, once I have something I can show off, I will. But I promise you, it is a good secret. In other news, I have been persuaded to buy Diablo III. Combining that with my recent Dragon Dice addiction is a bad thing, I think. As much as I knock Diablo III, I do know that Blizzard knows what they are doing when it comes to game design, so, it shouldn't be that painful. Especially since I'll primarily be playing with others.

In addition to all of that nebulous nothingness, I finally have a copy of Microsoft Office. Which, as a writer, let me tell you: Open Office is great, but I grew up using Microsoft Office. This means that I just know it more intuitively. It's easier to write in, and I don't have any issues converting files from other people.

The running theme on all of this? I am horribly behind the times on every thing. Happy Sunday people.

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