Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Second Banannas

This is not a post about fruit. Recently, the Washington Post published an article saying that Dan Quayle may have been right. First, let's all stop and take that in. Yes. They're talking about Dan Quayle. Ok, let's process that. Ready?

Good. I found the link via Althouse, and the first thing I thought is the same that we all thought. Surely, the WaPo is being tongue in cheek. But no, the article was in all seriousness (with real arguments and everything!) Maybe, WaPo posited, maybe Quayle was right about Murphy Brown. A sentence that I am sure no one ever thought they would read.

I came to one conclusion after this. Vice Presidents love sitcoms. Which also makes sense, what else do you think they do while pretending to care about being the tie breaking vote in the Senate? They watch sitcoms. For those in the SAT frame of mind: Quayle:Murphy Brown::Biden:Will and Grace. My theory now has two data points, making it true. That's just science, look it up.

Now, I just need to find a speech by Gore where he talks about Step by Step, and Cheney's discussion about how, just as Uncle Joey inspired D.J., Full House inspired him. Then, I will have the material I need for my next book: "Second Bananas and Beta Politicians: Awkward Uses of Pop Culture to Appear Cool and Hip." Perhaps, some day, there will be a Cheney-Biden crossover, where they can talk about Family Matters while raising money for the next disaster. Another good data point? Badly fumbling your hometown baseball team like in, let's say Massachusetts.

We've even come full circle to having a sitcom about a VP. That must be what the Vice Presidents have been handing down in their briefings while Presidents pass down national security tips. I'm pretty sure the conversation went something like: "Well, Biden, one last thing. We should really try and get it on HBO."

"I dunno, Cheney. Isn't AMC where all the hit new shows are happening?"

"Yeah, but, HBO let's you show Dick." Then Biden and Cheney laughed until they were captured in a heart warming freeze frame.



Layers of fact checking. Let me get on a soap box for just a second. If someone wants to say, use a logo for something, you should, even if you think you know what the logo looks like, take two minutes and open Google. Here, I'll show you how. Now, look at that! You can see what the logo should look like. Truly, I am the prophet of the Google age.

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