Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random People Random Places: Wrong Numbers

I hate answering the phone when a number I don't recognize comes up. You never know who it will be. It is very stressful. So, I try to make it easy on everyone involved.

People: If you call, I answer with my name and asking how I can help you. Do not respond with something like: "Is this Irene?" Do I sound like a woman? Did I say my name was Irene? I am not Irene. You can acknowledge you have a wrong number. I will not be offended, mistakes happen.

Don't just fumble with your phone to hang up. I dial the wrong number occasionally too. It's only human; it will be OK. It's just rude to call, then hang up right away. Even though I am not Irene. Look, I understand you need to get in touch with Irene, right away. And, we don't want to waste each others' time. But, take a few seconds, apologize and move on with our lives.

One last thing. Don't ask if I am sure Irene is not here. I am not hiding Irene anywhere. It is a wrong number. There is no Irene.

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