Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ongoing Projects and Updates

I realize that I have not been entirely clear. Excluding the things I actually have to do to, you know, live, I do have a variety of side-projects going on that, I think, people may find interesting. So here, in no particular order:
  • Page of fiction a day
    • Currently writing: A homeless man finds himself in a hopeless situation. Supernatural. Character driven.
    • Previously completed stories:
      • A man investigates his wife's murder using his supernatural power
      • Multiple short stories involving a disenchanted lawyer
      • A story about a boy and a graveyard.
      • A story about a girl and a desert.
    • Stories started, but not completed:
      • A little girl's school is haunted by the ghost of her parents' classmate. Abandoned because... just because.
  • Write d20 Ideas
  • Dragon Dice Army Evolutions
  • Write More History
  • Secret Project (... and Diablo III), which I promise to talk about (and link to!) on Friday. The project, not Diablo III. You should be able to find that on your own.
  • Counts As, a terrible idea you can watch me refine into an even more terrible idea
  • Take more pictures (but no more goose poetry)


Unless you all want more goose poetry. You weirdos.

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