Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Four Player Dragon Dice | Further Counting

This post is divided into two parts, because I am aiming for a very quick set of posts. I played two four-player games of Dragon Dice. I lost the first, won the second with a slow, steady come from behind victory and judicious placement of dragons by people who were not me. I think a four-player game is a bit too much for me. It was interesting, and I think the Amazon player could have won the second game with a bit more aggression; instead of taking my Flatlands home, I would have gone for the central Flatlands, even if it meant exposing himself. No guts, no glory.

Then again, I won by being a coward and hiding. So, your mileage may vary.

Second, I wanted to expand on the bad idea I mentioned earlier. I still think it is a bad idea, but I think that it could be redeemable. My biggest concern is finding a good balance. So, let's define the sorts of "cards" we'd need. We need units and additions [these can be passive abilities, equipment, etc.]

That's really all you need. Each player, on activating their game automatically gets the five faction cards and five unit role cards. Faction cards allow you to deploy units of a given faction. They include a brief write up explaining the strengths of your squadron, some fluff and the things they excel at. They also tell you what combination of roles you are allowed to bring.

The five roles fill traditional MMO party roles: Tank, Healer, Melee Attacker, Ranged Attacker and Utility. You also get a Promote to Leader card, which allows you to choose one of your units to be the Leader, which grants that unit a choice of passive abilities and an active ability. Units may spend points to learn abilities; you may also spend points to add additions to them.

Our five factions are:
  • Gummy Warriors
  • Animal Erasers
  • Coins
  • Office supplies
  • Dice

The final card that everyone gets just for signing up? One imagination card.



Yes, I plan to explain what that card does. But, later. Here's a run down of what people start with: Faction Cards (x1 of each); Role Cards (x2 of each); Promote to Leader card (x1); Imagination (x1 of each). These are all the instances of these cards you will need, and unlike a physical game, you'll never lose your starter equipment!

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