Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Counts As: A Digital Game Idea

I read this article. Now, I don't own a smartphone, so, maybe I don't get the infographic, but... why isn't "calling people" on it?
Smartphone Usage Infographic
Source: Tatango Mass Text Messaging

Anyway, this (combined with this) got me to thinking of using things for other things, such as phones for gaming (they are used for that more than Tweeting, at least).

This all reminded me of a game that I had been working on before work and life got in the way. The concept was that players played on a smartphone or tablet like device, connected somehow. Don't get techy. The cards they used to represent their units were everyday things that people used to fill in when they didn't have miniatures for the game at hand. Things like gummy bears and the like.

The delivery method was simple, using a CCG type element. Only, instead of opening booster packs of cards, you opened boosters of Units, Abilities and other various things. Some were cards, so you might get a Purple Gummy Bear. Then, you might get an ability Gummy Defenses: A Gummy Unit gets +2 Defense. You can then slot your abilities onto your units. Into any fight, you bring five units; each unit can have up to five abilities slotted. Some units automatically have some slots filled, units cannot equip the incorrect abilities. Each unit fills a default role, (of which there are five of!)

You can trade abilities, units etc. with other players. You could also use the network to flag things that you are willing to trade for other things. If you pass someone who is willing to make the same trade, the network autotrades for you -- after all, if you two knew each other were there, you'd make the trade, right?

The only problem, of course, is that this is still in the extreme infancy. I'm not even sure everything that you would want to use! But, this is the sort of game that I think people like me would use a smartphone type application for. It also taps into an element that I don't think exists on the smartphone yet: collectible, strategy games. The idea is so raw and unfinished, I'm not even giving this a cursory proof. Unfinished ideas is thematic.

Oh, did I mention, that you could also partner with a miniature or similar artist to take commissions to build units/print cards so people could play on their table top? They are custom orders, so, it would be a long shot. But, hey, I know I would buy a yellow gummy bear ninja cleric with extra gumminess.



When I started writing this, my total hits was at 1918. Sadly, I only had two points to talk about today. Fourteen would have been historic. Also a theme: Good ideas in theory that were probably terrible in practice.

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